Samshield Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 Riding Helmet, Alcantara Top & Front Band, Matt Trim & Blazon


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Introducing the epitome of equestrian elegance – the Samshield Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 Riding Helmet. Meticulously crafted with a perfect blend of sophistication and performance, this helmet is a testament to your commitment to both style and safety. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Alcantara, a luxurious material adorning the top and front band, complemented by a matte trim and striking blazon in this exclusive edition.

Key Features:

Alcantara Prestige: Elevate your riding experience with the opulence of Alcantara. The top and front band are adorned with this exquisite material, providing a touch of luxury that sets the Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 apart. Revel in the comfort and prestige that only Alcantara can deliver.

Matte Trim Elegance: The matte finish of the trim adds a timeless touch to the helmet's design. Imbued with sophistication, the Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 is not just a piece of protective gear but a fashion statement, ensuring you ride in style both in and out of the arena.

Striking Blazon Design: The blazon on this exclusive edition boasts a unique combination of elegance and modernity. The subtle matte detailing complements the glossy finish, creating a head-turning aesthetic that reflects your passion for excellence in every ride.

Advanced Safety Technology: Beneath its glamorous exterior, the Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 is equipped with advanced safety features. From shock-absorbing materials to a secure harness system, this helmet prioritizes your safety without compromising on comfort, ensuring you can focus on the joy of riding.

Customizable Fit: Choose the perfect fit with the Samshield Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0. With a range of sizes and an adjustable design, this helmet caters to the unique contours of your head, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your every equestrian pursuit.

Step into the world of sophistication and safety with the Samshield Miss Shield Shadowglossy 2.0 Riding Helmet. Unleash your passion for riding with a helmet that reflects your commitment to excellence and style. Elevate your equestrian journey – ride with Samshield.

SKU: SM/2/MISS/GLS/ALC/MT-Navy-Small (52cm-56cm)