Equiline Ladies Tech Vest / Gilet Eblyev


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Elevate your equestrian wardrobe with the Equiline Ladies Tech Vest Eblyev – a perfect blend of style, versatility, and cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in Italian craftsmanship with this meticulously designed tech vest by Equiline, offering the ideal balance of fashion and function.

Crafted for the modern equestrian woman, the Eblyev Tech Vest boasts a tailored fit that enhances both comfort and aesthetics. The quilted pattern adds a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile choice for various equestrian activities and casual wear.

Indulge in the luxurious warmth provided by high-quality materials and expert construction. The Tech Vest ensures optimal insulation without compromising breathability, making it an essential layer for your equestrian pursuits. The vest effortlessly transitions from the stable to social settings, embodying the versatility demanded by the contemporary rider.

Equiline's dedication to detail is evident in the vest's logo embellishment and meticulous stitching, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and style. Whether you're at the barn or on the move, the Eblyev Tech Vest is designed to make a statement, expressing your passion for horses with every stride.

Choose the Equiline Ladies Tech Vest Eblyev to redefine your equestrian wardrobe. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, showcasing your dedication to unmatched style with this exceptional piece from Equiline, crafted to keep you stylish and comfortable in and out of the saddle.