Kask Dogma Carbon Shine Riding Helmet

By Kask


Experience Unmatched Style, Safety, and Shine with the Kask Dogma Carbon Light Helmet

Elevate your equestrian gear with the exceptional Kask Dogma Carbon Light Shine helmet, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and top-tier protection, designed to make you shine in the arena. Crafted with ultra-light real carbon fibre, this helmet ensures optimal performance without compromising on design.

Key Features:

Luxurious Leather Details: The Kask Dogma Carbon Light Shine helmet stands out with its exquisite leather accents, offering a touch of sophistication and timeless style.

Durable and Lightweight: The outer shell is built for durability and lightweight performance, providing an extra layer of safety without added bulk.

Hypoallergenic Chin Strap: The hypoallergenic eco-leather chin strap is not only washable but also designed to prevent skin irritation, ensuring your comfort throughout your ride.

Breathable Merino Wool Padding: The inner padding is crafted from 100% merino wool fibre, offering superior comfort and breathability for a pleasant riding experience.

Advanced Shock Protection: The inner shell is engineered with polystyrene foam, featuring three different density levels to deliver total protection against impacts while keeping the helmet lightweight and comfortable.

Efficient Cooling System: Large honeycomb grilles integrated into the structure facilitate efficient airflow, enhancing your comfort during long rides.

Customised Fit: Kask's innovative FIT system ensures a perfect, customised fit for your helmet. It's a game-changer in equestrian gear, allowing you to ride with confidence.

Exclusive and Made to Order: The Kask Dogma Carbon Light Shine helmet is a unique piece made exclusively on request, with an approximate waiting time of 50 days after order confirmation.

Key Specifications:

Weight: A mere 525 grams, providing lightweight comfort for your head.

Safety Standards: Complies with VG1 01.040 2014-12 and ASTM F1163 standards, assuring you of its safety and reliability.

Elevate your equestrian experience with the Kask Dogma Carbon Light Shine helmet, where style, safety, and innovation converge. Ride with confidence, shine in the arena, and experience unmatched elegance. Explore the pinnacle of equestrian headgear today.