Helite Saddle Strap

By Helite

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The saddle strap is included in the purchase of a Helite Air Jacket and can also be sold separately. The lanyard attaches to the ring in the middle of the saddle strap. It is compatable for all brands of Air jackets. Remove your stirrup leathers and slide one end of the web stirrup strap over the stirrup bars Replace your stirrup leathers so that they are behind the web strap – ensure they are securely on. Thread the strap through the D Ring where possible. Adjust the straps so that the attaching ring sits at the centre of the pommel and is not too tight and interfering with the horses wither. Attach the lanyard clip to the black central ring. To guarantee a proper functioning of the airbag system, it is of crucial importance to mount the trigger system correctly. The order must always be: piston, key-ball (notch on piston to fit the ball in), spring and bearing cap. The needle of the piston must point in the direction of the cartridge, the key-ball has to fit in the notch of the piston. Caution: Never put the key-ball between spring and piston, this disables the system to trigger.